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A Very Safe Place  to Take Risks with YOUR VOICE

Come liberate yourself and your voice. Together, we discover how you'd like to heal your voice and then decide what you'd like to accomplish by using your voice in different ways. Engaging in playful songs and exercises can increase your creativity, your confidence and can be powerful in the healing it brings.


Healing Your Voice is so open and inclusive. It allows for laughter, tears, breathing, pause, movement, being shy and being brave, and making sounds of all sorts. Remember play...allows us to be silly, child-like, open to new experiences, and sometimes making up our own rules. You get to play with your own voice with my encouragement. You can do lots of listening and/or lots of singing and sounding. You get to share the ways you aren't using your voice in the world and how you would like to be. And you set the pace and determine what you want to do and what you are ready for. Come, take a chance, and allow yourself to play!


No, you absolutely do not have to be a good singer. If you have the desire to expand yourself and your voice, you are in the right place. This is about having fun, trying new things, and not perfection. This is not traditional vocal instruction as we are not concerned with hitting certain notes, learning to read music, or critiquing your voice. We all have vocal cords and the ability to sing. And engaging in vocal explorations like singing can be one of the more joyous experiences of your life.
The great Leonard Cohen said, "Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." By playing with your let MORE light in!


We get together online through Zoom or like application at an agreed upon time. You describe what's brought you here and what you'd like to ideally receive from our work together . We talk about what it may look like and I answer your questions. We craft some practices, agree upon some songs, mantras etc, and jump into using our voices. We go at your pace and see what emerges. There is room for sharing, support and reflection. 
Presently, I am asking for $90 - $125  sliding scale for a 75 minute session, which includes a follow-up email reflecting a summary of our time together.


- I was surprised at how easy it was once I got started and that it was really fun. I even started dancing while we sang.

- I loved learning more about chakras and mantras and looked forward to our opening breathing meditation and grounding. I felt so much more peaceful  after our sessions, like I'd created some sanctuary in the middle of my day. 

- I didn't realize how wonderful it was to release these old fears of not being able to sing. I also released a ton of stuck emotions and grief around not feeling like I could sing. Very healing for me!

- I love feeling so safe and at ease so I can explore the potential of my voice. I had felt pretty blocked and now feel more free within myself. And the songs were easy to learn and uplifting. 

- I appreciated being able to talk through my fears and embarrassment. She brings many of her other skills to the table to support me in gaining more courage to stand up for myself, take up more space, and shine. 

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