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Registration CLOSED  ---   Thursdays: January 25th - February 29th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm PST 

Why Attend a Grief Circle?

 The holiday season has passed and we find ourselves in the heart of the winter. The cold and dark can be a fertile place for loneliness and isolation to set in. And the world has changed so much since the pandemic, it may seem harder than ever to navigate life in general....especially if you are grieving.   

For many this is a very scary time we exist in. Planetary emergencies, brutal wars, extreme politics, and shifting economics are causing many of us grave concern. There is no doubt we can be flooded with overwhelm by the daily news of the world and perhaps, even in our own neighborhoods.

And then there are our own significant losses that we carry in our everyday lives. Loss of loved ones, changes in friendships and relationships, declining health, lost housing, thwarted dreams and more can cause us to experience sorrow, depression and anxiety.
--- Most of us have something immense to GRIEVE!

This immersive offering is different from current community grief tending rituals in that the circle happens for more than ONE night, and is held in a trauma-conscious and gentle way with a very small group. 

By coming together for 6 weeks, we build connection, trust, and belonging - a place to share what's in our hearts, and what may be breaking them. 

Please come join this intimate group where we build more community and healing opportunities, and weave a caring web of support for one another. 

Circle happening on Thursday nights from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST

The commitment is for all 6 weeks so we can do our work together in a stable and cohesive space. 

This group is ideal for expressing whatever flavor of grief is present for you in this moment, no matter how great or small. We will hold it together 

Group will be limited to 10 participants.


Let's share vulnerability and provide sacred witness to all that's present in these unusual times. 

There will be extensive grounding, singing, gratitude, reflection and time to both deeply share... and hold loving space to fully listen to one another. Invitations to share will include discussion and/or writing prompts to help you access your thoughts and emotions. 

Gently facilitated by experienced Circle Facilitator and Grief Tender - Sherry R Hoffman. 

Excited to offer this Fall Grief Tending Circle affordably. 

**Cost: Sliding Scale $325 - $400

Partial Scholarships available for BIPOC

This is an explicitly anti-racist, queer-friendly, trans-affirming space. People of all backgrounds, identities, and abilities are welcome  
As Rumi would say, “Come, come whoever you are!” 


Please Private Message
for additional Details and Registration.

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